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Cryptocurrency finds itself facing off against precious metals on the battlefield of appreciation.


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How to avoid being hacked into poverty.

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Take the necessary steps to achieve financial stability. Know more about cryptocurrencies and precious metals now.


Why you NEED our Cryptø Dashboard...

CvM's Cryptø Dashboard can grow your portfolio +10,000%!

All the charts these days are against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. That information is very limiting! When is the best time to go from DASH to Litecoin? STEEM to Bitshares? NEM to NEO? Monaco to Centra?

You can't visualize it! Until now...

The only way to see this information is with custom ratios. While DASH doesn't trade against Litcoin, there's still a chart for it, and CvM Cryptø Dashboards is the lone wolf on the internet today who can show it to you.

We create them from scratch!

Our dashboards contain ONLY custom ratios. We're actively producing new ratios everyday while curating and re-prioritizing them for our subscribers to spot the hidden trends and take advantage of incredible deals. 

We also release weekly reports on the most exciting movements. Every chart is equipped with internal alerts so we never miss big movements or new territory.

These days, your trading patterns will be as diverse as DNA.

When you access this Cryptø Dashboard, you will be able to see where the big players are moving their money. Seizemic shifts will lead to massive waves.

If you can spot the wave, you can ride it!

You've got to keep up with the 'pod' of whales to maximize gains. We have the dashboards, the team, and the alerts you need to make better decisions with less time.

We live in the information age, where extracting precious information is more valuable than resources. This information isn't shown anywhere else on the web!

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We have forms for new dashboards, custom ratios, and alert metrics. So when missing data is itching at you, send us the details and we'll update within the week and send you the link.

This is your year to make a fortune.

Don't forget to take profits and invest in passive income along the way.

It's your only true way out of the rat race!

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Cryptø Dashboards

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The days of central currencies is over...


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Do you need a leader to guide you through the crypto space?
Crypto Cardiff is here to help!

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Cardiff is on a mission enhance your journey to achieve financial freedom.

When you buy cryptocurrency and see your portfolio rise in value, it's always a beautiful new chapter in your journey to wealth. Cryptocurrency has liberated millions from poverty and provided a much brighter outlook for the future of humanity. This movement towards freedom will be volatile, but worth it. You can't afford to wait this out with all your savings stored as cash in the bank. 

Cardiff has gone from college graduate to homeless, signed actor to indie artist, and low level employee to CEO of CvM. He's willing to go hungry in order to achieve long-term goals. He threw comfort and security away to pursue a passionate quest for freedom. If you're looking for a creative, intuitive, and truthful leader, then Cardiff might just be the perfect person to speak with.

Cardiff's specialized education can teach you:
(1) The crypto basics.
(2) How to get into cryptos (and the best ones right now).
(3) How "The System of Control" revolves around central banks and fiat currency.
(4) How blockchain technology is The People's salvation to obtain freedom!
(5) How to build real long-term wealth backed by sustainable values.
(6) How to ultimately enjoy the life you want; filled with purpose.

All consultations will livestream online.
The recording will be sent to you via email.

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