Why you NEED our Cryptø Dashboards...

How do you know when the best time is to go from one cryptocurrency to another?

All the charts these days are against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. That information is very limiting! When is the best time to go from Bitcoin Cash to Litecoin STEEM to Bitshares? Populous to Veritaseum? Monaco to Centra?

You can't visualize it! Uptil now...

The only way to see this information is with custom ratios. While each crypto doesn't trade against every other crypto on exchanges, there's still a chart for it, and CvM Cryptø Dashboards is the lone wolf on the internet today who can show it to you.


Crypto Dashboard pairs up cryptocurrencies with custom ratios to show trendlines you can't get anywhere else!

  • NameProfile view of each crypto
  • Industry Pair competitors directly
  • Influencers People focused crypto list
  • Standards Compare similar sized cryptos

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"Crypto Dashboards shows you all the trends no one else can see, and that's where great opportunities are found." - Cardiff Gerhardt, CEO of CvM



BTC, ETH, and USDT charts are the tip of the iceberg

  • Cryptø Dashboards show you the whole glacier by pairing up all cryptocurrencies against each other directly to show valuable new data no one can see.
  • The best and brightest way for analyzing the market DNA.
  • We are charting the visual DNA of crypto value!
  • We organize Cryptø Dashboards by the name, industry, influencer relationship, supply trends, market cap, and volume.

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First milestone:

March, 2018

Second milestone:

April, 2018

Third milestone:

May, 2018
Develop Whitepaper for Crypto Dashboards
Purchase domain:cryptø.io
Complete SRS document

Fourth Milestone:

June, 2018
ERC-20 token groundwork
Acquire Investor Interest
Hire CTO
Complete wireframe
Complete Whitepaper
Complete branding

Fifth milestone:

July, 2018
Build partnership with crypto businesses
Release White paper

Sixth milestone:

August, 2018
Hire Full Stack Development agency

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