Crypto vs Metals LLC is an independent media company that helps millennials learn, engage, and discover how to obtain and store wealth with cryptocurrencies and precious metals.


To get millennials started on their journey to financial freedom, and ultimately, enjoy the life they want and deserve.

What we Do.

Enlighten, inspire, and empower millennials through financial education, and provide accessible platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

The Founders

Meet Cardiff Gerhardt and Jacqueline Alvidrez - two millennials who invested in cryptocurrencies, and the founders and investors of Crypto vs Metals LLC.

They met while attending Westminster College in Utah. After graduation, they invested their credit card debt in a (failed) record label and cryptocurrency. When Bitcoin crashed, Cardiff researched Ethereum and convinced Jacqueline to invest in it. Their first investment was $1.42 (0.0042/BTC) on January 24, 2016.

By the end of 2016, they have not made any substantial gains. Their portfolio was at a severe loss going into 2017.

By March 2017, Cardiff and Jacqueline were taking steps to declare bankruptcy with $10,000 - $15,000 invested in cryptocurrency, and $40,000+ credit card debts. While trends in cryptocurrencies were looking optimistic, it was not substantial enough to assume any drastic increases. The couple resorted to signing a debt payment program.

Then one spring night, Cardiff had an epiphany. He envisioned a cryptocurrency explosion. He saw the possibility of running a business that could capitalize on cryptocurrency company’s affiliate programs that incentivize the adoption of cryptocurrency. As Cardiff and Jacqueline pursued this direction, cryptocurrency skyrocketed. And by May, the couple started Crypto vs Metals LLC. Their portfolio peaked over $200,000 by July.

Cardiff and Jacqueline surpassed expectations from their family, friends, and even themselves.

Cardiff Gerhardt

Cardiff Gerhardt
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Jacqueline Alvidrez

Jacqueline Alvidrez
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